Venga Paella

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Simply put it’s a rice dish from Spain, made in a round flat pan with any number of local ingredients and offered in a zillion combinations. However paella is so much more than that.

It reminds me of the summers I spent in Spain with my mother and aunts. It is a food that has always brought our family and friends together for any occasion. Preparing and eating paella was a celebration that was experienced by all of my senses. It was entertaining to watch, the smell carried the promise of the meal to come, and the taste was always delightful.

This is the experience that I share with people when I prepare paella. Whether it is for friends, a catered affair, or the farmers market, paella is not just a wonderful meal, it is also a joyous celebration of flavors, smells, and quality ingredients.

Mauro’s Pizza & Pasta (AND BBQ!)


A Fairfax fixture, Mauro’s Pizza & Pasta changes things up for Biketoberfest by pulling out the smoker and treating you to some super delicious BBQ! Pulled pork sliders are a must or check out the Chicken Caesar.

Ultimate Souvlaki


Ultimate Souvlaki uses only the finest local and imported ingredients. All meats are free-range, hormone and antibiotic free, humanely harvested from Marin and Sonoma. Seafood selections are sourced using the guidelines set by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The baklava is made with local honey, butter, and walnuts. Greek yogurt is elevated by using candied Buddha’s hand, blood orange marmalade, honey with walnuts and sour cherry preserve toppings to evoke a care-free summer in Greece.

Bobby also provides seasonal delicacies that embrace the bounty of northern California, such as grilled figs with feta and a 25-year-old balsamic vinegar drizzle, rack of baby goat with pomegranate molasses and pistachios, grass fed veal moussaka with local eggplant, and his yiayia’s award-winning spanakopita.